Polycell Wood Flex Polyfilla

Task difficulty: Very easy

Polycell Wood Flex Polyfilla has been especially developed for wood. It is flexible, stainable, water-resistant and bonds strongly for all your wood filling tasks. It is ideal for filling cracks and holes in wood.

  • Flexible, stainable and water resistant filler.
  • Specially developed for filling cracks and holes in wood.
  • Creates strong bonds for all wood filling tasks.

How to use

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and structurally sound, cut away any soft or rotting wood. Where there is substantial decay, use Wood Hardener before applying the filler.
  2. Stir contents until creamy / Work tube between fingers before opening.
  3. Press Polycell Wood Flex Polyfilla well into the repair and smooth off with a knife.
  4. Deep holes should be built up in layers of 1cm (3/8") allowing each to dry. Thin layers will dry in about 2 hours. Thicker layers should be left overnight before sanding. Protect from rain and temperatures below 5 degrees until dry.
  6. Replace membrane and lid immediately after use.
  7. Can be covered with oil paint, woodstain or varnish when dry. IF INTENDING TO STAIN ENSURE A SMALL AREA IS TESTED FIRST SO THAT A CLOSE COLOUR MATCH CAN BE ACHIEVED.

Further information

Tools required
Filling knife.
Store away from frost.
Available in the following sizes
300ml tub
Please read instructions.

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