Polycell SmoothOver Your Damaged Walls

Task difficulty: Quite easy

A quick and easy way to transform cracked and damaged walls to a perfectly smooth surface that's ready to paint. Fills imperfections such as cracks, gouges and small holes.

  • Restores cracked and damaged walls for a perfectly smooth, ready to paint finish.
  • Fill imperfections such as cracks, gouges and small holes.
  • You don't have to be an expert - If you need to, you can sand when dry to remove any tramlines.

How to use

  1. Make sure surfaces are clean and sound and remove any loose particles or mould. Seal stains with Polycell Stain Stop.
  2. Touch in any nail heads or screws with gloss paint to prevent corrosion and fill any holes or cracks greater than 2mm with an appropriate Polycell Polyfilla.
  3. Start by stirring the Polycell SmoothOver to a creamy consistency. Then load the Polycell SmartSmoother with product. It's best to work with approximately 2cm depth across the full width of the blade.
  4. Apply the Polycell SmoothOver to the walls, smoothing the product across the surface to just fill the cracked and damaged areas. Scrape off any excess product leaving a thin film across the whole wall. Work away from the edges and focus on a small area at a time. Test a small area first.
  5. Reload the SmartSmoother as needed.
  6. Don't worry about small irregularities or tramlines as these can be removed by light sanding when the product is dry. Apply a second coat if required
  7. Wash tools in warm soapy water. Your walls are now ready to paint

Further information

Tools required
Polycell SmartSmoother tool.
Do not use or store in extremes of temperature and protect from frost.
Available in the following sizes
2.5L and 5L tubs
Please read instructions
Polycell SmoothOver Your Damaged Walls

Polycell SmoothOver Your Damaged Walls application method:

  • Dry in 6 hours (depending on conditions)
  • For plaster, plasterboard and painted masonry surfaces
  • Use indoors

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