Polycell Multi Purpose Polyfilla - Powder

Task difficulty: Quite easy

Multi-Purpose Polyfilla mixes to a smooth, creamy consistency. Special binders give guaranteed adhesion and a fill which will not shrink or crack. It is the ideal versatile filler suitable for a variety of jobs, even large areas.

  • The original versatile filler.
  • Guaranteed adhesion, will not shrink or crack.
  • Available in original powder or ready mixed.

How to use

  1. Ensure crack is dry and free from loose material.
  2. Touch in nails and screw heads with oil based paint.
  3. Pull tab and pour 2 to 2.5 parts Polyfilla to 1 part water.
  4. Mix to a smooth paste - ready to use in about one minute.
  5. Press Polyfilla into repair with a filling knife - remains workable for up to 40 minutes.
  6. Finish with a wet knife and leave to set - normally 60 minutes.
  7. If necessary, sand down when fully dry.
  8. Clean bowl and tools in warm water.

Further information

Tools required
Filling knife, mixing bowl and sand paper.
Store away from frost.
Available in the following sizes
450g, 900g and 1.8Kg boxes
Please read instructions.
Polycell Multi Purpose Polyfilla - Powder

Polycell Multi Purpose Polyfilla - Powder application method:

  • Sets in 1 hour (depending on conditions)
  • For wood, plaster, masonry and stone
  • Use indoors
  • Drillable

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