Polycell Multi Purpose Magic Polyfilla

Task difficulty: Very easy

Multi-Purpose Magic Polyfilla provides reassurance to novice DIYers by changing colour as it dries.

  • Changes colour when dry.
  • Goes on pink, dries white so you know when its ready to sand or paint.
  • No need to prod and poke.

How to use

  1. Tub: Stir to a creamy consistency and press into a repair with a filling knife, smoothing off with a wet knife.
  2. Tube: Squeeze directly into the hole and smooth with a wet filling knife. Avoid over filling.
  3. When the pink colour has completely disappeared, sand smooth.

Further information

Tools required
Filling knife.
Available in the following sizes
330g tube and 600g tub
Please read instructions on pack.
Polycell Multi Purpose Magic Polyfilla

Polycell Multi Purpose Magic Polyfilla application method:

  • Surface dry in 1-2 hours (as indicated by the colour change)
  • For plaster
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Drillable

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